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ilualways. :)

twentythree: Night

word. B]]


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twentytwo: I can’t find my sweet darling! D;

I checked again after school. I EVEN checked the HMV bag….It’ not in there. I thinking that it most probably fell (or lost it) when I was showing Minerva my pins and counting them.. D: That or before that. Dx

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twenty: The most horrible thing evar!

Oh my goodness! The most horrifying thing happened to me just… today….? Well.. I found out today… at least. :’D
I lost my precious darling Lavi pin I got at AnimeNorth and won’t be able to get it back anymore because they might not sell it again next year! D:
Note to the unaware: Lavi is my most favourite character from D.Gray-man to live! x3 He is love, non?
I even checked everywhere in my bag, my second bag and my….OHMIIGAWD. I DIDN’T CHECK THE HMV BAG! I SHALL DO THAT WHEN I GET HOME FROM SCHOOL! Anyways; I loved the pin. It was super adorable and I think I would’ve bought it for $5….If it were bigger than just a button… >w>;
BUT! It’s cute anyways so yeah, you get my point..? :’D

Well.. That’s all for now.. I’ll update ‘you’ when I get home if I find it or not… ]x
Your forever hurt friend, ChuChuShoe.

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