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ilualways. :)


Today: Library.

I went ot the library and I went on the computer to go on Menewsha because I’m trying to get this crazy amount in three days… wel… today’s the deadline. xD I’m not even CLOSE to it yet. D; I AM, however near the half way point. :’D … Wonder if he’ll hold the set for me another few days. >__<

So, today: Library: Computer: Menewsha: Friend comes….Nate. xD

So, Nate came and saw me playing on Menewsha. I don’t think he was impressed that I live in an online community. x3
He also asked me what elective I went on and I told him I didn’t go on one and he told me to goto Let’s Play! because it was so fun but I told him that I’d be self-conscious the whole time and I wouldn’t have had fun.. He asked why. My answer: I’m an idiot when I’m truly happy. XD

So, I’m pretty sure he thinks I’m weird now, if he didn’t think so before.

-p.s. changing charaprofs to do something with Animal Crossing. ;3

-edit: deleted charaprofs as seeing how I don’t use it & made a different one. acrossing. :’#


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twentyfive // Victoria fun. :))

So, yesterday, me and Cindy went to Victoria park down in Kitchener and we started playing with EVERYTHING. We have SO many memories there that we just started saying them when we were there. We took pictures until the batteries ran out…. o_xD;   And when we got hungry, we got a sausage and a hot dog… We can eat a lot… :’D   The funniest thing was that we were the oldest people there (playing, that is) that there were people staring at us… D’:  It was fun, none-the-less.

So, today, Last art period EVAR. Well.. for this year. ;3   My pokéballs came out well… I think it would look better though, if there weren’t a zillion holes in them though. D:  I still think it came out alright.. x’3

Well, that’s about ALL for now.. I guess.

*Note: I apologize for my lack of posts recently. x_o Grad’s coming up though! : D

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roflz. ohnoez! // twentyfour

rofl; I can’t blog at school.. // ohnoez; I can’t blog at school..


Yesterday was.. Cenntennial. :’] Practically all my friends got sunburned. XD

This one girl got hurt so badly that she had to goto the hospital apparently. x_x;

Track events.. VERY dangerous. I found a four-leaf-clover and gave it to her. :]]

My friend’s shoulder got hurt badly and didn’t goto school today. D;

I can’t blog at school because whenever I get onto the site and whatnot, The ‘Safari’ closes. x_x;

Thus; I can’t blog. Safari = internet access.

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