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ilualways. :)

thirtyfive // So, I watched Dark Knight…

And I gotta say, it was epically epic….
Y’know, the movie that’s got everyone pretty much hyped up about how cool it is.
Batman, maan, Batman. I was never interested in any of the movies or the series but the trailers I saw caught my attention. And I’m really happy that I went to go watch it!
I went with my sister, Vicky, and Milky. It was fun. :3 We were really loud when we got into the theater half an hour before it started showing. (:


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thirtyfour // gaia , menewsha and life

….are online communities I go on. (:

Gaia :

I’ve made a new shop on Gaia to fund my uhm.. questing. XD It’s called chunchun. I’m selling little bad drawings.. I drew them with my mouse.. I tried.. Really. D:


I found out that Alicia only has ONE Bunny Hairpin left and I need to get it! D8<
But I’m not sure if I should yet because I’m also in Eroy’s auction and the Pure Love Boa’s in the auction and I’m not sure if I’ll need the gold for it. I’m thinking that I SHOULD buy the Hairpin SOON so I can save up again for the Boa i time of the auction. S:


(In real life)
Yesterday, My friend Aivy came over. When she came over, My mommy was making sushi and when she was finished, we ate it. IT was good. :3
And then, At 12:30, We went to the library for about 2-3 hours. We got 3 movies. We only watched 2 of them. >w> 15 minutes of that we were at Melville cafe and FAD hairstudio. My sister, Cindy, got her bangs trimmed and made them more wispy.
After the Library, we watched TV and then went to the mall. We stayed there until around 8-9PM… We met up with my friend Caitlin from Waterloo. she said she was randomly shopping in Cambridge with her mom. XD
After the mall, Aivy went on our PS2 and we played FFX2 to get me the Dark Knight Dressphere. I couldn’t figure out how to get it since I’m on the last level. >w>;
After that, We watched Grease and Bambi II (Library DVDs) on our PS2. Then we didn’t want to watch movies anymore. XD
OH! While we were watched Grease, My mommy wanted some help to peal potatoes so we went. Aivy had never pealed one before so we showed her how so yesterday, she gained another experience for her life.
After the movies, I played FFX2 and mastered some other dresspheres. It was SUPER late at the time and Aivy ended up playing on the omputer until 2AM, when she was supposed to leave.

Well, Time to sleep for me. XD

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thirtythree : Nyaaaaaaaaa-ran Soran Soran Soran Soran Soran.

CYEAH! It’s stuck in my head. >w> I’m also mentally dancing the para para version in my head to boot. XD I love the song and love(ish) the dance but it can get repetitively annoying. DD:

I downloaded the para para video of Soran Soran along with Ike Ike and Play with Numbers by Hinoi Team. :’3

I swear, I’m like, in love with Para Para. ;A;

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